12 of 12: A day in March 2023

It’s a random Sunday. I still feel tired of the week. It was a busy week and my throat feels sore. Before going to bed yesterday, I took some medicine. My muscles ache. Yesterday, I set up the Laser “Erika” (a small sailing boat) almost on my own. It took me an hour. After that, I put on the dry suit and when I was finally ready to start, the wind stopped blowing. After waiting and hoping for half an hour, I pulled the boat out of the water and dismantled it. It was a very good exercise though. Today, I am relieved I can stay in bed a bit longer.

1/12: It’s such a nice feeling to cuddle in the warm and soft bed, without having to rush into the day! The eight self portraits I did 24 years ago, while studying in Barcelona, are watching me from the wall.
2/12: Because I have to work today, I need to cancel the walk with Julia. The icons that pop up automatically for “walk” are white and blond. I can’t select alternatives by pressing them. Obviously, this hasn’t been developed by people of colour 🙄.
3/12: Then I make breakfast. In the meantime, as my son will have a reading exam soon, I ask ChatGTP for a story about digestion to use it to practice with my son. The story ends with the poop coming out of the anus – this totally meets my personal sense of humour 😂.
4/12: I finally start to work on the presentation for my boss that is due tomorrow morning. This is a special case, because the Scientific Advisory Board will visit us next week and we want everything to look neat and professional.
5/12: After a while, I can’t ignore my hunger anymore and decide to make lunch. The hot pot meat from last Saturday still looks very good. I am relieved. It would have been a pity to throw it away. My simple but yummy lunch is ready soon.
6/12: After finishing the redesign of the presentation, I cycle to my husband’s place where I meet my son for a round of Minecraft. My son proudly presents what he has built recently: two huge creepers and an enderman.
7/12: Then it’s time for me and my son to return to my place before it gets too late. It’s so nice to be outside and have a short walk.
8/12: While I prepare dinner, I listen to a podcast of the series “Unter Almans”, that interviews “Germans of colour”. I get emotional when I listen to people who share similar experiences.
9/12: Dinner is ready. Then I realise that my son has eaten 3 pieces of cake because he was so hungry 😅. I am not amused, but I know it’s my fault. I should have served dinner earlier.
10/12: While I eat, my son listens to a kid’s crime series and looks through this beautiful book. It explains things that happen below earth and sea level.
11/12: Because I wasn’t able to do it in the afternoon, I now upload the presentation for my boss to the cloud. It’s a big file and my internet connection is slow. But finally, it’s uploaded.
12/12: I wait in the bed with a Minecraft book that I want to read to my son. However, he still moves around restlessly. Not sure if it’s because of the cake or because he went to bed late during the weekend? Finally, he manages to go to bed and I read until the the most exciting moment and then say: “Now it’s time to sleep.” 😂😂😂
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By Shau Chung Shin

I am a designer, businesswoman and founder of HAHAHA Global and Gesund in MeinerStadt. I develop solutions and products that encourage an open and positive approach to taboos. In doing so, I contribute to a healthier and more peaceful world.

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