What I look forward to in the 1st quarter of 2024

A year is like a lecture you deliver: when you don’t prepare, it passes, and you have forgotten to do the important things you initially wanted to do. Planning my year is, at least for now, like creating a wish list. It’s a privilege, and I am aware that I can lose this privilege again. That’s why I cherish the time. Reflecting on what I look forward to in the first quarter of the year helps me maintain an optimistic outlook on what lies ahead. ❤️

This is what I look forward to in the first quarter of 2024:

#1: Finalise the discrimination chapter of my psychosis brochure

By the end of 2023, I finally found a co-working group that meets on weekends. Since then, I have resumed working on my psychosis brochure. The chapter on “How to deal with discrimination as an affected person/family member” has been in progress since the last quarter of 2023, and I aim to finish it by the end of the first quarter. 💪

#2: Hold 3 visual design sessions and write 3 summaries

I have been talking about doing this for at least a year: holding regular design sessions for my colleagues at the Institute where I work as a science communicator. However, the fear of failure held me back. While having over 25 years of experience as a visual communicator, I still aspire to become a proficient verbal communicator who can articulate any topic clearly and appealingly. Ultimately, developing strong verbal communication skills is crucial for me to effectively support others.

Therefore, at the beginning of 2024, I pushed myself to finally implement the idea of monthly design sessions. I have already held the first sessions in January and February – and I can already feel the progress I have made. Not only has it become easier for me to talk in front of other people, but it has also boosted my confidence and improved my relationships with my colleagues.

#3: Do things that energise me on a daily basis

“Do the things you love to tackle the hard tasks.” This has been my motto since I became aware of what energises me. One way to reenergize myself is to engage in activities I love. In the first quarter of 2024, I deliberately ask myself: “What can I do today that will give me energy?”

These things include having a meaningful conversation with a colleague, making progress on tasks in my to-do list, taking a walk, enjoying delicious food, etc. It brightens my day when I anticipate engaging in something enjoyable.

What are you looking forward to in the first quarter of the year? Leave me a comment. 😁

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By Shau Chung Shin

I am a designer, businesswoman and founder of HAHAHA Global and Gesund in MeinerStadt. I develop solutions and products that encourage an open and positive approach to taboos. In doing so, I contribute to a healthier and more peaceful world.


  1. Liebe Shau Chung,

    wonderful goals for the first quarter of the year. Great that you already managed to face the challenge of giving sessions to your teammates!
    Good luck with your brochure. It sounds like a difficult subject to me.
    Best wishes

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