12 of 12: A day in October 2023

Today is the 12th of October. Time to document the day with 12 photos. A mindfulness practice. A bloggers’ tradition kept alive by Caro from “Draußen nur Kännchen”.

I feel sick today. I have worked until late yesterday. I also went to bed hungry. A bad combination.

1/12: Today, my boss might be able to present our augmented reality (AR) project. While sipping my hot morning milk tea, I send my bullet points of the concept to her. Then I get ready and rush to the metro station.
2/12: In my office, I grab the camera and hurry to the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research next door. I take photos of the speakers of the Bioimaging Symposium. The lectures are very interesting. The speakers share numbers and personal experiences on how to manage research facilities, build a reputation and train staff. In moments like this, I am so thankful to have this job.
3/12: Back in my office, I enjoy my booklet for which I have worked until very late yesterday to have it ready for the possible presentation today. I play around with the AR elements. For this element I have interviewed a postdoc on how he became a researcher. And Maiken, the AR designer, has implemented the elements last minute, despite of her busy schedule. I notice an error in the layout and immediately correct it. I rush back to the Symposium to take a group photo of the participants.
4/12: Then I hurry to the university canteen. On my way, I check out the promotional booth of Merck, a big pharmaceutical company. I notice their colourful visual branding and all the fun promotional items. The booth is full of people asking them many questions. It confirms to me again that communication has to be fun to attract people.
5/12: I have a quick and cheap lunch at the university canteen. I watch my time, because I need to be back at the Symposium to take photos of the light microscopy and electron microscopy facilities.
6/12: While I eat, I try to move my eyes away from my phone. I observe how the new chemistry department building of the Frankfurt Goethe University grows. Another building made of concrete. I wonder when a more environmental friendly way of construction will be the norm? I hurry back to the Symposium.
7/12: After taking photos in the facilities, I go back to my office. This year, the Max Planck Society celebrates its 75th anniversary. All employees receive an anniversary mug ❤️. My colleague Katharina and Melek distribute the mugs to all our colleagues. There are different colours. I choose this light blue one ☺️. I also take a selfie with the mug to join the social media initiative of the Society.
8/12: My boss tells me that she was not able to present the booklet. Since she told me beforehand that she didn’t know if she would get to present it, I was already prepared for it. I decide, not to stay too long anymore, as I feel sick and hungry. Lunch is already digested 😅. But before going home, I want to create the accompanying visual of Biswajit’s article on his Marie Curie Fellowship.
9/12: As we will hold our communications team strategy day tomorrow, there are still some things to prepare. Such as drafting the day’s schedule, printing last year’s plan etc. In the end, it doesn’t work out to leave earlier 😅. There are just too many things to prepare, as I will leave for Berlin on Saturday. I look forward to participate in the PR network conference of the Max Planck Society next week.
10/12: Finally, I turn off the computer and take the metro home. I try to give my eyes some rest during the metro drive. I close them and listen to my favourite music tracks.
11/12: I get off two stations early to walk the rest of the way home. On the way, I pass the Goldstein Gallery. Some people stand in front of the shop window and watch a performance. An acquaintance of mine is also standing there and I have a short chat with her. I think: How wonderful is this? I didn’t went to an interesting art and science exhibition opening today, because I felt sick. But just around the corner, I can see an art performance 😊. And I meet people I know. Despite missing nature, I love living in the city. At least in such a small but still international city like Frankfurt.
12/12: At the beginning of the week, I bought a lot of yummy food. Before I travel to Berlin on Saturday, I’ll try to eat as much of it as possible. I start to cook and indulge in rice rolls and warm corncobs, while ignoring the messy kitchen.
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By Shau Chung Shin

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