What’s new in my business in 2022

There are things I feel that need to be done differently this year. Things that are due. And things that I look forward to do in 2022.

#1: I will invest more money in Gesund in MeinerStadt

Last year, while still looking for a job, I tried to invest as little money as possible in Gesund in MeinerStadt, my impact startup “Healthy in MyCity”. It’s a mental health platform that aims to guide affected individuals and their family members through their recovery journey by matching them with the right information and support.

Now, with more money, but much less time, there is no way around it. In order to bring the project forward, I need to invest more money. How much that will be, I will analyse in the upcoming eight weeks with Michaela Schächner, whose business plan coaching course I have just joined. This is already the first investment I have done this year.

#2: I will give design commissions to other designers

Last year, besides being busy with my full-time job at the Max Planck Institute and Gesund in MeinerStadt, I took on some 1:1 design commissions. Nice small jobs for clients and organisations I like. However, given the little time resources I had, I wasn’t able to enjoy them much. And I am still procrastinating some of them, so it feels more like a burden than fun.

I have started to give some bigger design commissions to other designers, and I will do so with all new design requests in 2022.

#3: A first step towards an international business

One of my goals is to work worldwide. That’s why I decided to practice the language that would help me to achieve it: English. Last week I took the courage to write my first blog articles in English 😊.

#4: Shau-Chung-Shin-not-Ching-Chang-Chong.com is my new business page

Following the advice of my blog coach Judith, I came back to using my name again for my business page. However, I couldn’t help but make the name of the domain a bit funny and provocative 😂.

And I miss my former page name HAHAHA Global. But one day, I will use it for one of my offers 😀.

What will you do differently in 2022? Let me know in the comments ☺️!

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By Shau Chung Shin

I am a designer, businesswoman and founder of HAHAHA Global and Gesund in MeinerStadt. I develop solutions and products that encourage an open and positive approach to taboos. In doing so, I contribute to a healthier and more peaceful world.


  1. Liebe Shau Chung, ich finde dein Projekt großartig und freu mich dich dabei unterstützen zu dürfen, wenn es in unserer gemeinsamen Zeit im Coaching, Woche für Woche mehr Form annimmt.

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