12 of 12: A day in June 2022

Today, on the 12th of June, I document the day with 12 photos. I sit in the train on my way back to Germany, where I indulge in happy and divers memories of the last 5 energising days, represented by the colourful artisanal pralines I bought in Bruges for my husband.

In Bruges, the Belgium UNESCO Heritage site, I attended the wonderful European Conference “Food for Generations” of Junior Chamber International (JCI). JCI is an international organisation of young entrepreneurs and leaders that I have joined in 2009. It’s the organisation that has influenced me most: It has given me confidence, business opportunities and friends for life.

1/12: It’s 1:18 am. I dance into the new day! I am still at the gala night of the JCI European Conference. I dance with my fellow members until the party ends at 2 and then walk back to my hostel nearby.
2/12: After sleeping 4 hours, I get up, pack my things and say goodbye to my dorm mates. During the 5 nights I spent in the dormitory, I had changing dorm mates from Vietnam, Chile, Columbia …I am not sure, if this list is complete 😅. By chance, one of my dorm mates was also joining the Conference, the JCI National President of Portugal. Instead of fun tours and informal networking events, her days were filled with official meetings.
3/12: I head to the Grand Hotel Casselbergh, where the Senators‘ farewell breakfast takes place. I peek into the breakfast room of the 4-star-hotel. As I don’t see any people I know, I decide to safe money and have breakfast somewhere else. For the last time, I enjoy the beautiful streets of Bruges 😍.
4/12: I return to the hostel and enjoy a simple and relaxed breakfast in the community kitchen. A fellow member joins me and we find out that we take the same train back to Germany. Soon after, we leave the hostel and walk to the train station.
5/12: At the station we meet another fellow member. We talk about the conference and how hard it is to promote sustainability within the organisation. We hop on the regional train to Bruxelles, where we will change to the Inter City Express (ICE) that takes us to Germany. On our way to Bruxelles, I take a photo of the roofs that almost all have solar panels installed. In Germany, this is yet to come.
6/12: The WhatsApp group fills up with photos of yesterday‘s gala night. This one shows the German delegation, which was the biggest one with around 160 participants. Can you spot me 😂?
7/12: The train is super packed. Everyone tries to find an empty seat quickly. We pass the German border without any stops and controls. I still remember when this was different. I love the European Union 🤩! In Cologne (you can see the famous cathedral in the background of the photo), most of my companions get off and take trains that brings them to their final destinations. I stay on board, because the ICE’s final destination is Frankfurt. It’s so convenient to live in a well connected city 😁.
8/12: The train reaches Frankfurt Central Station. I get off and walk to the tram station. After staying for 5 days in picturesque Bruges, Frankfurt feels like a cultural shock 😆. It’s hot and I have to make sure to stay in the shadow, so the beautiful artisanal pralines I bought in Bruges don’t melt 😅.
9/12: Finally home! My street is filled with the heavy scent of the linden trees ❤️.
10/12: I warm up some leftovers I brought from the home hospitality dinner in Bruges. I was the only one of the 8 guests to take along my leftovers. I personally don’t mind eating “old” french fries and salad, and I am happy I don’t need to cook. The taste of the dish brings back the memories of the nice evening 😌.
11/12: My son wants to meet his best friend on the playground. Although it’s a bit late, I agree, because it’s such a beautiful summer evening, and I am glad he wants to exercise outdoors. I bring a picnic blanket and a book. While the kids play in the background, I continue to write this article 😌.
12/12: It’s bedtime. I offer my son to read from a book he likes, but he starts to read a comic on his own. I am happy that his difficulties in learning how to read and write didn’t spoil his interests in books. In the meantime, I read the book I chose for him myself, and learn, for example, that images are created by our brain.

And, how was your day 😊? Leave a comment!

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By Shau Chung Shin

I am a designer, businesswoman and founder of HAHAHA Global and Gesund in MeinerStadt. I develop solutions and products that encourage an open and positive approach to taboos. In doing so, I contribute to a healthier and more peaceful world.


  1. So great to learn about your time in Bruges, a very vivid description with great pics! Thanks for sharing! I like leftovers, too, like you I don’t want to waste my food.
    Yours, Nicole

  2. Thank you for sharing, I felt almost seating next to you in that train to Frankfurt 😅
    Happy to hear Lian enjoys to read comics, big deal in Deutsch lernen)))

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