12 of 12: A day in March 2022

Today is the 12th of March, and I have joined the blogging tradition again and documented the 12 of the month with 12 photos.

1/12: I get up at 7 a.m., because I don’t want to be late for the monthly labour service of the water sports club. I spent the night at my husband’s place, were we had a cake for his birthday.
2/12: Our son is the second to get up, and he instantly want us to continue to read the book he bought yesterday. He has quite a hard time learning how to read and write, so I am glad it didn’t spoil his love for books.
3/12: My husband prepares a yummy breakfast with some leftovers from the week, and I try to eat fast.
4/12: When I arrive at the water sports club’s facilities, everyone is already busy cleaning. I love this relaxed and a bit run-downed site.
5/12: My assigned task is to clean the mossy surfaces of steps, walls and pool edge. Club member Julia is joining me and we have a short chat. I joined the club recently, and I am happy to connect with fellow members.
6/12: I love the hall where the boats are stored. Two members are assigned to prepare lunch for all volunteers, and while I eat the yummy soup, I chat with a couple that invites me to join them for a rowing session.
7/12: Afterwards, I bike to the central library, where I want to continue to write my business plan for my mental health platform business.
8/12: It’s a beautiful day! The city is full of people who enjoy the sunshine and take photos in front of cherry trees and the Frankfurt skyline.
9/12: In the central library, I choose a table at a quiet corner. I connect to the library’s WiFi. I feel tired and it takes quite some effort to start writing. Just shortly before the library closes, I have a breakthrough.
10/12: My friend Marlene messages me and we meet at the entrance of the library. We visit a new Japanese supermarket nearby. It really feels like being in Japan with the decor, the Japanese products, staff and music inside of the shop 😮!
11/12: It’s time for dinner! We go to a Chinese noodle bar around the corner. If you look for Asian shops and restaurants, this is the area to go 😊.
12/12: I still feel tired from my trip to Barcelona one and a half week ago. Therefore, in the evening, I cuddle up in the bed and read the comic books I borrowed from the library.

How was your day ☺️?

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By Shau Chung Shin

I am a designer, businesswoman and founder of HAHAHA Global and Gesund in MeinerStadt. I develop solutions and products that encourage an open and positive approach to taboos. In doing so, I contribute to a healthier and more peaceful world.


  1. Liebe Shau Chung,

    ein wundervoll normal-friedlicher Tag. Die Bilder haben mir Frankfurt näher gebracht, wo ich einige Jahe sehr glücklich gelebt habe. In der Zentralbücherei war ich auch öfters zu Gast.
    Danke fürs Mitnehmen in deinen Tag, Korina

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