12 of 12: A day in July

Today is the 12th of July! It’s time again to join the blogger tradition and document a random day with 12 photos. It’s Tuesday and I work from home today.

1/12: I get up at 6:30 am. I tell my son that he can still stay another 30 minutes in bed. I clear the kitchen table and feel happy and tired at the same time. Why does it take so much effort to keep a place clean?
2/12: After accompanying my son to school, I go to the market. It’s more expensive than in the supermarket, but I can afford it and I like to support small businesses (at least I think it’s small business). I often buy from the leftovers on the right side on this photo, which is much cheaper. I feel a bit bad, because I might be buying fruit and vegetables that are meant for people who actually can’t afford to pay more.
3/12: At home, I prepare my breakfast: thick, sweet cherries. I am a fortunate person!
4/12: I start to work. My employer is the Max Planck Institute of Biophysics. I am in charge of the visual communication and brand strategy. After checking my emails, I miss the list of articles I was asked to amend. My colleague might not have had time to send it. I don’t want to call her again, as we already have talked for a long time yesterday. I will ask her tomorrow when I am at the Institute. I then decide to create a quick poster to promote our Institute’s sustainability group lunch meeting.
5/12: The next thing is the new German home page of the Institute. The goal is to create a page that addresses the general public – the German taxpayer who is funding our research. I am happy that my proposal for the new home page has been approved by one of the the directors last week. Now I look for the adequate visual content, such as this cheerful 3D image of a cell.
6/12: My colleague Katharina has drafted a press article for our last big event: The ceremony of the Frankfurt Biophysics Award of the Oswald Foundation, from which our Institute has emerged about 100 years ago. The Award supports outstanding researchers in the medical field of biophysics. I think the article is great and I only find one small typo. I make a photo selection for the announcement on Social Media.
7/12: During my lunch break, I wash the dishes and squeeze in a meeting with a business coach for my social business, a mental health platform that aims to help users to get the right information and support services easily and quickly. The business coach is excellent. He motivates me a lot to continue investing hours into the business, between and after work, and on weekends.
8/12: After work, I pick up my son. It’s hot outside. We buy cookies, pasta and apple juice at the supermarket. My son seems to be hungry and wants to eat the cookies right away. He promises to eat no more than one, because it’s dinner time soon. In the end he eats 5 😅. As agreed before, he gets a water ice at the kiosk. When one piece of ice falls to the ground, he is disappointed. At home, he wants me to sign his grammar test. As always, I wonder whether to give him more “support” or whether I should relax, because everything will just work out fine.
9/12: I warm up yesterday’s home-made pizza for my son (he loves it). He doesn’t like the grapes I bought for him because they have seeds. Then I start to cook for myself: pasta with vegetable, sausage and tomato cream sauce. It takes a while. In the meanwhile, I start to write this blog article. While I lie in the hammock, I wonder if it’s still worth planting plants into the planters. Everything is prepared, I have bought 3 sacks of potting soil. But the summer is going to be hot, the water scarce and I will be on vacation for at least 2 weeks during summer. I am hesitant. However, the balcony would be much more relaxing with green and lush plants (instead of the dry dead plants from last year).
10/12: I ask my son to stop listening to podcasts as bedtime is approaching. He then switches to playing music.
11/12: As it takes me so much time to eat, I put my dinner next to the bed, so I can put my son to bed on time. At the same time I make sure I don’t go to bed hungry.
12/12: Instead of me reading to him today, my son reads on his own. I enjoy the peaceful atmosphere on this lukewarm summer evening.

How was your day ☺️?

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By Shau Chung Shin

I am a designer, businesswoman and founder of HAHAHA Global and Gesund in MeinerStadt. I develop solutions and products that encourage an open and positive approach to taboos. In doing so, I contribute to a healthier and more peaceful world.

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